Scratch Records

A Scratch Record is designed by DJ's for DJ's. They contain "skipless" loops and samples. Scratch records are crucial in any DJ's or HipHop producer's arsenal.


The 7 inch records are ideal for the portablist. These are great for a Reloop SPiN or a PT01 Scratch.

My Collection:

  • Practice Yo! Cuts vol 7 by DJ Ritchie Ruftone
  • Cut Communication vol 1 by DJ Flip Flop


I recommend buying scratch records from

Open Format, Turntable Training Wax, Turntable Lab, Mega DJ, Jesse Dean Customs, and even Discogs.

*I do not recommend Amazon when buying records.

Sample Vinyls

When digging for Vinyls to sample, there are some important things to consider.

You're looking for rare records. Not rare as in "valuable", but as in overlooked. Sometimes a record that wasn't popular when it was released is ideal. You don't want popular records. I always dig for something that seems underground a buried in history.

I stay away from popular artists and soundtracks. They are just too familiar. Disco and anything too "80's" can be difficult to work with. I personally love the 60's the most, but every year has it's gems. Even the worst record has at least 1 good sample from it.

Acapellas, Quartets, and instrumentals are always helpful. Anything that is soulful or jazzy will be a great addition to anyone's collection. However, the occasional random or wierd record find can be a lot of fun.

When in doubt, just watch a few Rhythm Roulette videos from Mass Appeal